Pampers Baby Dry Pants Luierbroekjes Maat Size 5 + (12-17 kg) 120 stuks

Dermatologically tested and free from the 26 allergens from the EU list
Air-permeable lanes allow air to circulate in the diaper pants and ensure dry skin that can breathe for up to 12 hours
An inner layer with micro pearls that absorb and retain moisture

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Pampers Size 6 Active Fit Baby Nappy Pants, 120 Count, MONTHLY SAVINGS PACK, Easy-Up Pull On Nappies (15+ kg / 33 lbs)

Our new and improved Pampers Active Fit Nappy Pants give your active baby a No1 comfort-fit and protection no matter the moves
Super soft and stretchy materials flex to your baby’s shape to help prevent gaps a 360 Degree comfort fit
Quick dry core that absorbs wetness and keeps it away from your baby’s skin for up to 12 hours

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