Baby Suction Plate – Non Slip Silicone Baby Weaning Plate – Stay Put Toddler Feeding Plate with Suction – Kids Placemat for No More Meal Time Mess… (Pink)

✔️ NO MORE MEALTIME MESS – Our baby suction plate secures firmly to any flat surfaces, making it impossible for your little one to throw their plate of food on the floor. This toddler plate helps reduce meal-time spills and messes, making your life as a parent that tiny bit easier
✔️ SUPERIOR SUCTION & QUALITY – Our enhanced suction prevents your little one from flipping and throwing their plate, and grips firmly onto all tables and high chairs. Our superior quality is noticed as soon as you begin using our suction plate – we only use the highest quality materials, making your plate robust, durable and long-lasting
✔️ UNIQUE AND CUTE DESIGN – Our adorable bear design helps make mealtime more fun for kids. The 4 separate compartments are perfect for separating food and helps you serve a well-balanced diet to your little one. The deep curved rims allow for easy scooping and promotes self feeding from an early age

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