Ear Wax Remover Kit with Syringe and Spiral Tool by ProClinic | 3 x Soft Silicone Tips | Reusable and Washable Ear Cleaner for Safe Home Use | Includes Storage Case

SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE 2-STEP SOLUTION – The earwax removal syringe and spiral tool combine to offer a great solution to your earwax problems!
EAR SYRINGE & SPIRAL TOOL – The ear syringe discharges a stream of water into your ear canal, gently dislodging earwax and leaving your ears much clearer. The spiral tool is used to extract any remaining earwax by twisting the soft, grooved tips in your ear canal.
FLARED SYRINGE TIPS – The uniquely designed flared syringe tips prevent over-insertion into the ears to protect the ear drums and ear canals from any damage, and ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.

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